Science Communication in the Pacific

In the Pacific, a partnership between the UNESCO Apia Office and the Centre for Public Awareness of Science (CPAS) of the Australian National University seeks to encourage science communication practices – through formal education as well as public debate and the media, and through such means as workshops, training courses, electronic exchanges and website development.

Among past collaborative activities with educational and scientific institutions in the Pacific Island countries was a workshop for science teachers in Suva (Fiji) in October 2005. This followed an earlier science teacher workshop in Samoa focused on the use of readily available materials for actively engaging students in basic science principles.

Among ongoing projects is a Register of Pacific Scientists (RPS). Launched in May 2005, this is an online database for any and all people involved with Pacific Science to record their details and/or search for other people with similar or complementary interests. The RPS is still in an experimental initial phase, but it is expected to expand services and offerings according to user demands over the next few years.

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