University of the West Indies Science-Media Project

On 17 February 2006 in Jamaica, the pilot phase of a Science and Media Project was launched with the release of three short 10-minute films, through a partnership between the University of the West Indies (UWI) and the UNESCO Kingston Office.

The three main productions are:

  • 'Sick to Death: The Science of HIV/AIDS', together with seven short (one-minute) Public Service Announcements on HIV/AIDS, has been produced by Professor Ronald Young and Mark Thomas of the UWI's Faculty of Pure and Applied Science, in collaboration with UNESCO and the Caribbean Institute of Media and Communication (CARIMAC). Written and directed by Brian Heap, the film draws attention to HIV/AIDS prevention while communicating the science of HIV/AIDS in non-technical terms;
  • 'Seeing Red: The Science of Violence' was written, directed and edited by Mark Thomas. It features a presentation on the scientific aspects of violence and was based on research with regional scientists who are experts in the field of human physiology and behaviour;
  • 'Danger Zone: The Threat of Illegal Sand Mining and Improper Solid Waste Management'. 'Danger Zone' has been created by CARIMAC staff and students in collaboration with Mark Thomas, and focuses on key environmental science dimensions of these resource-use practices.

The three films are aimed at youth and the general public in the Caribbean, and feature science-related issues such as human physiology and behaviour, environmental management and HIV/AIDS from a pedagogical viewpoint. This initiative has been developed within the framework of UNESCO's programme to produce and disseminate local content and build capacity in respect to Communication and Science work in the Caribbean, in addition to contributing to the Decade of Education for Sustainable Development and the UN Literacy Decade.

The programmes and the short films are being distributed free of charge to television stations across the Caribbean. Follow-up activities are planned for the broadcasting of these films during popular television programmes with a view to generating public discussion and debate and enhancing social awareness around these issues.

For further information, contact the UNESCO Office in Kingston (, either Communication Officer Alton Grizzle ( or the Science Officer (under recruitment). At the UWI, the contact is Prof. Ronald E. Young (

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