Youth in SIDS

Two priority areas for UNESCO are youth and SIDS. In the light of this, UNESCO began supporting a process to ensure the involvement of youth in the SIDS+20 processes. In early 2013 “My World, my SIDS” was launched in partnership with UNICEF. This enabled 70 young people to participate in a training on SIDS and sustainable development and begin deliberations on what young people want from the SIDS+20 process. The youth’s vision for the SIDS is a self-sustaining, climate resilient, peaceful, healthy, inclusive, democratic and transparent society where all young people are empowered as equal partners in global efforts for sustainable development.

UNESCO has partnered with the Government of Samoa and other United Nations agencies to support youth participation at the Third International Conference of SIDS which will be held in Apia, from the 1 to 4 September 2014, as well as a side event that will promote career prospects of young people in the sciences as a means of ensuring the sustainable development in SIDS.

The Mauritius Strategy recognizes the integral role of youth in sustainable development and the need to further ensure their participation in program and activities related to the sustainable development of Small Island developing States. UNESCO through its on-going programs supports a range of activities for youth in SIDS such as developing media skills, improving national education systems, involving young people in protecting their heritage and support for young scientists.

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