Global experiment presented in Mali

The Global Experiment “Water: A Chemical Solution” was presented in Bamako (Mali) during a training workshop on science education from 11 to13 October 2011. The meeting, co-organized by the UNESCO Education Sector, UNEP and ISESCO, focused on 2 topics: the ozone layer and the discovery of the chemical properties of water through the Global Experiment. Over 30 participants, mostly ASPnet and ISESCO clubs National Coordinators from Burkina Faso, Guinea, Lebanon, Mali, Morocco, Niger, Togo, and Tunisia participated in the workshop. The National Coordinators were invited to carry out 2 of the 4 activities of the Global Experiment, which they completed enthousiatically. On the day following the workshop, the Global Experiment and its school pack were presented to a school in Mali. One hands-on activity was performed by the 9th grade students, adding one more country to the list of those involved in the Global Chemistry Experiment. As of October 2011, there were over 16 500 students registered from about 45 countries in the world.

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