UNESCO 36th General Conference

Open UNESCO Exhibition "One Planet, One Ocean"

The content sets out to illustrate the work of UNESCO not only in science but also in education, culture and communication to manage the planet in a sustainable way –our work on the oceans, freshwater, on lands and terrestrial resources, on biodiversity and the Earth’s geological resources, our biosphere reserves and natural World Heritage sites and in particular the policy work needed in order for our governments and societies to find greener solutions for the planet tomorrow.

All the elements of the island illustrate in different ways how UNESCO does this work, starting with our symbolic actor, modeled on our oceanographers who is here holding an Argo profiler an instrument of the Global Ocean Observing System (GOOS) coordinated by UNESCO-IOC

A very large piece of ‘desert rose’, part of the UNESCO collection a gift from Mexico and from symbolizing UNESCO’s work in the ecological and earth sciences and the very different ecosystems that for instance the Man and Biosphere programme deals with.

The multimedia fresco at the back which shows in a dynamic way the multiple actions of UNESCO to promote sustainable development of the planet and its resources –videos, images, short descriptions of programmes, key words, quotations, publications.

The touch screen where more detailed information can be accessed – videos, publications, staff interviews, quizzes and multimedia elements. If the visitor wishes to see one of these elements on the multimedia fresco screen, just press the button.

And the iPAD where many of our staff have been interviewed about their work for UNESCO. These can be viewed using the headphones.

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