UNESCO 36th General Conference

Exhibition "Satellites and World Heritage sites, partners to understand climate change"

How is observation of the Earth from space used to measure the effects of climate change on world heritage sites? A series of 25 panels showing satellite images of various sites reveal the threats posed to these sites: glacial retreat, coral bleaching, disappearance of permafrost, desertification, floods and the like.

Twenty-four striking examples, such as the glaciers of Kilimanjaro (the highest mountain in Africa) which have lost 80% of their surface area during the twentieth century due to the combined effects of climate change and human activities. Total ice cover at the summit has shrunk from 12,058m² in 1912 to 3,305m² in 1989.

Financed by the Flemish Government the exhibition is organized by UNESCO in partnership with Planet Action, the European Space Agency, NASA, the German Aerospace Centre and BELSPO, the Permanent Delegation of the Kingdom of Belgium to UNESCO and the Permanent Delegation of Mexico to UNESCO.

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