Global Reports

The Natural Sciences Sector reports on global science policy trends through the UNESCO Science Report and through thematic reports. These global reports are available online and can be downloaded for free.

Other documents such as analyses, case studies or summaries of conferences can be found in the UNESDOC database, which contains 120 000 free downloadable documents in six official languages covering all UNESCO fields of competence since 1945, as well as most of the recent publications edited by the Organization.

UNESCO Science Report

UNESCO Science Report 2010

The UNESCO Science Report holds a mirror to the evolving status of science every 5 years. This series analyses global trends and developments in science policy through the eyes of an independent team of experts who are each writing about the situation in their country or region. The series was launched in 1993 under the title of World Science Report. All five reports published in the series since 1993 may be consulted online or purchased.

Engineering: Issues Challenges and Opportunities for Development

Published in 2010, this report is the first ever international study on engineering; it examines the role of engineering in facing global issues, challenges and creating opportunities for development. It is intended for policy-makers, decision-takers, development planners, the engineering community and wider public. It will be of interest to anyone with an interest in engineering and the role of engineering in development.

United Nations World Water Development Report

The United Nations World Water Development Report (WWDR) gives an overall picture of the state of the world's freshwater resources every 3 years. Its main objective is to provide decision-makers with the tools to implement sustainable use of our water. The latest issue, Managing Water under Uncertainty and Risk, is the fourth of the series.

Science, Technology and Gender

Science, Technology and Gender

The International Report on Science, Technology and Gender (2007) is the first thematic report stemming from the UNESCO Science Report. It is a concrete example of UNESCO's commitment to integrating gender perspectives in science and technology. Based on empirical research and data, this UNESCO report incorporates substantive inputs from institutions involved in science, technology, gender studies and policy.

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