Some of the international events and activities being planned at UNESCO Headquarters and elsewhere:

16 to 21 January 2011:The pre-launch event in Johannesburg, South Africa (a joint effort of the Federation of African Societies of Chemistry (FASC) and the South African Chemical Institute (SACI) and will showcase research activities in all traditional branches of chemistry and also recognise the efforts of the Ethiopian chemists who were instrumental in getting the IYC 2011 declaration;

18 January 2011: “Women Sharing a Chemical Moment in Time” is an international networking breakfast aimed at connecting women throughout the world;

27 to 28 January 2011: The Official International Launch of IYC at UNESCO Headquarters, will be an unique opportunity to discuss the history of chemistry, the role of women in chemistry, as well as global trends and perspectives in chemistry for sustainable development;

30 July to 7 August 2011: The IUPAC World Chemistry Congress will bring together imminent scientists, governmental representatives, NGOs and industries from around the world to celebrate IYC as well as discuss pertinent issues like “Are Women still underrepresented in Science?”, “Challenges for Materials Chemistry in the 21st Century” and “Physical-Chemical Techniques to solve environmental challenges”. The World Chemistry leaders meeting will take place on 2 August 2011;

19 to 22 September 2011: The Academia Europaea's 23rd Annual Conference is to be held at UNESCO Headquarters under the auspices of the International Year of Chemistry. It will highlight the links between Chemistry, Sciences and Society;

December 2011: The Malta V Conference, the fifth in the series “Frontiers of Chemical Sciences: Research and Education in the Middle East”, will be held at UNESCO Headquarters. It is one of the official events of the IYC. This valuable series of meetings brings together Nobel laureates and other eminent scientists with scientists from the Middle East, neighbouring countries and Israel. The Conferences are designed to promote a culture of peace through cooperation in science. A Malta Conference is held once every two years. The Malta V Conference will focus, in particular, on energy, nanotechnologies and materials science, medical chemistry and natural products, green chemistry, education, and the environment. More

To view all the events for IYC 2011: International Calendar

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