Center of Excellence

There is no list of pre-determined Centres of Excellence that are to be involved in the IBSP.

In his Report to the Executive Board (document 167 EX/8), the Director-General of UNESCO proposed that the IBSP definition of centres of excellence should be broad.

The reference to a centre of excellence could embrace a variety of national, regional or international institutions able to provide services at a standard sought by Member States or regions, and a satisfactory rationale for investment in their activity by interested customers.

A centre of excellence could be a research or training institution, a university or one of its departments, a laboratory, science museum or library, etc. A national centre of excellence need not necessarily be a public institution, though by virtue of the profile of the centres that may be associated with IBSP, this will probably be the case.

A private research laboratory or institution having a high repute in science that is seeking to provide help for an institutional capacity building programme of a research institute in a developing country or a country in transition may apply if it commits itself to providing substantial financial support. Indeed, a project proposal from such a body would be welcome.

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