There should be at least two countries involved in any given project. One of these countries should be a developing country or a country in transition. The participation of least developed countries would be particularly welcome. The IBSP is not introducing any new classification of countries. In case of uncertainty on this issue, applicants may consult their National Commission for UNESCO.

Countries that may be involved in a project, and whose collaboration is being sought, should be Member States of UNESCO. A list of UNESCO’s Member States is given on the website of UNESCO.

A developed country may indeed be one of the countries collaborating in an IBSP project.

Though there is need for more than one country to be involved in any given project, only one of the participating countries need submit the paper copy of the project proposal to UNESCO. This proposal is to be completed in English or in French and submitted in three copies. It is to be endorsed by the National Commissions for UNESCO of all the countries making the proposal – for more details on this, please refer to point 11 below.

There is no upper limit on the number of institutions that may involved in the same project.

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