Scientific fields covered by IBSP

IBSP promotes capacity building in science, and, in so doing, addresses projects in mathematics, physics, chemistry and the life sciences, and their interdisciplinary areas, in other words, any project that necessitates research in the basic sciences, including that research in the basic sciences which provides a means to solve a problem related to another area. Thus, research on the mechanisms of cell-cell interaction and its implications for combating disease would be a project within the purview of IBSP.

The IBSP is also designed to promote science education, i.e. the university teaching of the basic sciences, the transfer and sharing of scientific information and the popularization of science.

Projects related to the earth and environmental sciences are not covered by the terms of reference of the IBSP. They are being dealt with within other well-established longstanding UNESCO programmes of the Natural Sciences Sector such as the International Geological Correlation Programme (IGCP), the Man and Biosphere Programme (MAB) and other environmental programmes.

Projects related to the social sciences are of the purview of the Social and Human Sciences Sector of UNESCO and not that of the Natural Sciences Sector. UNESCO is not an organization promoting finance and business. It does not have programmes dealing with economics and management.

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