The SESAME People brochure features some of the future SESAME users and young people who are involved in constructing SESAME.

The users of SESAME, who will mostly be young scientists and graduate students, will be based in universities and research institutes in the Middle East and neighbouring countries. They will visit the laboratory periodically to carry out experiments, generally in collaboration, where they will be exposed to the highest scientific standards in a stimulating environment for international collaboration. They will then return home to analyze the data they have obtained.

Several hundred scientists, working in disciplines ranging from the biological and medical sciences to physics, chemistry and archaeology, are expected to use SESAME from day-one. As more beamlines are built, the number of users is expected to grow to 1000 or more.

The potential user community, which already numbers some 300, has been fostered by a series of Users’ Meetings and training opportunities supported by the IAEA, UNESCO, various governments and many of the world’s synchrotron laboratories, which have created special training fellowships, thereby demonstrating their support for, and confidence in, the project.

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