Dr Maged Al-Sherbiny

2012 laureate of the UNESCO-Equatorial Guinea International Prize for Research in the Life Sciences

President, Academy of Scientific Research and Technology Vice-Minister, Scientific Research and Technology of Egypt


Research on the treatment of hepatitis C virus and other debilitating diseases

© Dr. Maged Al-Sherbiny

Professor Al-Sherbiny's scientific efforts and contributions are focused on combating endemic diseases in Egypt and Africa through focused intensive research for vaccine development and diagnostics, targeting the diseases Hepatitis C and Schistosomiasis, which cause severe complications in the quality of people’s lives.

Thanks to funding from the Wellcome Trust Foundation, Professor Al-Sherbiny applied state-of-the-art immunological and molecular techniques to identify epitopes for future vaccine development against Hepatitis C virus (HCV). In the field of vaccines, Professor Al-Sherbiny led an international multi-disciplinary project team to develop several human vaccines for Schistosomiasis, a debilitating disease affecting 200 million people around the world. His efforts were sponsored by the World Health Organisation to test 10 candidate vaccines, which led to the pilot production and testing of three of them. As a WHO expert, his publications such as “Blueprint for vaccine development” are highly cited.

In the field of diagnostics, Professor Al-Sherbiny designed a novel and fool proof method, EggVac®, for automatic detection of parasite eggs, which enhances the ability of health providers to accurately determine the prevalence of many egg-excreting parasites and consequently offer the proper treatment. With several innovative applications, Professor Al-Sherbiny used these cost-effective tools to avoid the consequences of miss-diagnosis and consequently alleviate the burden of the disease on the poor and improve their quality of life.

As President of the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology and the Assistant Minister for Scientific Research of Egypt, Professor Al-Sherbiny uses his role as a policy maker to carry out significant research contribution to the life sciences leading to an improvement in the quality of human life by mobilizing science knowledge and policy for sustainable development. Most recently, he established both a Higher Council for Science and Technology, with hopes that this will set Egypt on the right track to achieve its goal of a knowledge-based economy. He is also the founder of an online resource, “Science Book”, which provides an innovative and interactive platform to disseminate knowledge of science and technology among researchers and young children.

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