14.12.2011 - UNESCO Venice Office

A first-hand introduction for South-East European UNESCO Summer School students to renewable energy and energy efficiency in Italy

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A 3-day study tour throughout the Veneto area for a number of students who took part in the UNESCO Summer School on Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Governance is scheduled up through 16 December 2011. The Italian visit is co-sponsored by the public company of waste management, Padua 3 (sponsors of the 2010 study trip edition), VEGA Technological Scientific Park and VESTA Venice Territorial Environmental Services. As part of their field work, the students will be visiting UNESCO Venice Office on 16 December for a final debriefing of their experience.

The UNESCO Summer School on Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Governance was organized by the UNESCO Venice Office in Fojnica, Bosnia and Herzegovina, from 23 August to 3 September 2011. Other supporters were GIZ (German Agency for International Cooperation) Open Regional Fund for South East Europe – Energy Efficiency, the Regional Education and Information Centre (REIC), and the NGO REIC with the support of the ENER-SUPPLY (ENergy Efficiency and Renewables-SUPporting Policies in Local level for EnergY) project, financed by the South-East Europe Transnational Cooperation Programme of the European Union (EU). The initiative which combined both environmental and societal aspects of renewable energy use and energy efficiency improvement was aimed at strengthening regional capacity-building in sustainable development and climate change mitigation by encouraging the exchange, flow of information and knowledge amongst young researchers from South-East Europe.

The study tour will provide a first-hand introduction to the implementation of a highly efficient and integrated waste management system aimed at producing energy (biogas) and regenerating material for a new production life cycle (compost, raw plastic, etc.) at the Consortium PD3 Este (Padua). The students will visit the newly-installed geothermal power facilities enhancing the energetic self-sufficiency and limiting the GHG emissions of the waste management plant. Furthermore, the study group will be visiting the VESTA’s Waste Treatment Plant of Fusina (Venice) inclusive of the energy power plant and annexed facilities along with the Biomass energy centre.

VEGA - VEnice GAteway for Science and Technology will provide additional insights to the biorefinery pilot plant in Porto Marghera as well as an introduction to the running projects in the environmental sector for energy efficiency. VEGA Technological Scientific Park is among the local institutions and organizations which signed, with UNESCO Venice Office, the Joint Venice Statement on strengthening Scientific Collaboration.

The visiting South-East European students are from Albania (Gerta Veliu), Bosnia and Herzegovina (Selma Masnic), Serbia (Milana Peric, Milovan Medojevic, Marko M. Miletic, Bojana Tot, Nada Tuvic) and The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (Aleksandra Kapsimalova, Elena Kitanovska). The group will be led by Davide Poletto from the UNESCO Venice Office, with the support of Carla de Carolis from the Polytechnic University of the Marche region, specialist of Energy and Biomass in the EU ENER-SUPPLY project, and Jens Geisel, environmental engineer and co-tutor of the UNESCO Summer School in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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