20.12.2011 - UNESCOPRESS

More than 35,000 children around the world take part in Global Chemistry Experiment

A total of 1,683 classes from schools in all parts of the world have taken part in the Global Chemistry Experiment so far this year and uploaded the results of their work on the website created for that purpose. Close to half the participants are in Europe.

More than 35 000 school children in 77 countries have taken part in the initiative, which was launched on the occasion of World Water Day 2011, on 22 March, in Cape Town (South Africa).

The Global Chemistry Experiment allows primary and secondary school students to test the water they use, evaluating its salinity and acidity while learning to filter and distil it. Children can report their findings by uploading them on an interactive online map.

The Global Chemistry Experiment, which will end on 31 March 2012, requires basic equipment and can be undertaken by almost anyone. Kits containing the necessary material have been distributed free of charge in 30 countries to encourage the participation of students from developing countries.

Proclaimed by the United Nations, the International Year of Chemistry is placed under the aegis of UNESCO and the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC). “Chemistry—our life, our future,” was chosen as the theme for the year whose closing event was held on 1 December in Brussels..


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