Secondary Education

© UNESCO-Kathleen Chiappetta
Students learn about computer aided engineering technology from a representative of the International Centre for Theoretical Physics at the 2013 World Teachers’ Day.

One of UNESCO’s mandates is to advance secondary education, especially for girls, in its member states. The Organization maintains that promoting awareness  of diverse career options in secondary schools, including careers in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics fields, will improve the socio-economic development of local, national and international communities. As a part of UNESCO’s secondary education mission:

“The Organization promotes secondary education for all that includes a balance of academic disciplines, practical and social skills and civic responsibility and which provides an effective preparation for continuing education as well as for the world of work.”

In collaboration with its partners, the UNESCO Engineering Initiative is increasing the visibility of engineering in secondary schools. Through joint programs and ‘hands-on’ activities, UNESCO and its partners are giving secondary students the opportunity to explore and cultivate their interests in engineering. The UNESCO Engineering Initiative maintains that to improve the socio-economic infrastructures of societies the world needs engineers. Increasing the visibility of engineering to youth in secondary schools is one step towards continued sustainable economic, social and environmental development.

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