Engineering Outreach Event in Nigeria

Students learning about engineering principles at the 2013 Nigerian engineering outreach programme.

In June 2013, around 2000 secondary school students, including 1500 girls participated in a week-long engineering and science event at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. This was UNESCO's first engineering outreach event in Nigeria. A number of UNESCO's partners were involved in this event, including: the International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP), Deyrolles, Engineers without Borders-UK (EWB-UK), Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Intel, Microsoft and Nokia.

The event offered students the opportunity to learn about engineering by examining water, shelter, transportation, infrastructure and hydroelectric issues. Through various hands-on activities organized by EWB-UK, students had the opportunity to identify innovative solutions to contemporary development problems. After participating in the hydroelectric power module, one student adapted the construction materials by substituting rubber from a shoe, instead of cork, to improve the operation of the micro-hydroelectric turbine. This action highlights the ability of these students to find innovative ways of using available materials in engineering projects.

In addition, the EWB-UK also taught 120 undergraduates and teachers how to implement these hands-on activities in the classroom to ensure the continued interactive learning of young students. Engineers Without Borders was able to start a new branch, EWB Nigeria as a means of continuing to find innovative solutions to development challenges.

UNESCO is continuing to work with its partners and the University of Nigeria, to meet future engineering education objectives through the improvement of laboratory equipment.

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