Engineering Unit - Design and Discovery

Design and Discovery is a free academic enrichment curriculum developed by Intel that engages students ages 11-15 in hands-on engineering and design activities. In an extended sequence of hands-on sessions, students follow a design process and build working prototypes that solve problems in the engineered world. The Design and Discovery Website is designed to be a complete resource for organizing and implementing your own programme in a school or community setting.

Impementation examples are available (in pdf), presenting some exciting results students achieved by participating in the Design and Discovery programme. The students start by looking at problems they encounter in everyday life, and develop possible solutions in the form of a new product or an improvement made on an existing product by applying the same process that engineers use.

The curriculum (in pdf) is organized into six sections which are further divided into 18 sessions. Each session is 2.5 hours and includes two to four 20–90 minute hands-on activities. Each activity includes a facilitator instruction page and a student handout with directions for students. Many activities also include a student reading. Some sessions include a Home Improvement activity, which should be completed at home with input from family members.

Implementation strategies is a guide to help mentors implement Design and Discovery.

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