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Engineers Without Borders-United Kingdom

EWB-UK is an international development organization whose primary mandate is to reduce the technological disparities that exist between countries. Their approach to achieving this aim involves engaging with local communities to find sustainable ways of improving their wellbeing. Given the importance of developing sustainable engineering methods and renewable and alternative energy technologies to EWB, the UNESCO Engineering Initiative invited the United Kingdom chapter to Nigeria in 2013 for its first engineering outreach program in Africa. At this event, children had the opportunity to explore development issues (ex. hydroelectric power, housing, transportation, water, sanitation, etc.) through various hands-on activities. In line with UNESCO global priorities, EWB-UK views a lack of engineers as a barrier to development in Africa. Therefore, EWB maintains that investing in engineering education is necessary for the socio-economic development of societies.

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The mandate of this international organization is to increase the number of women pursuing engineering studies at a tertiary educational level. Through hands-on activities and career talks, Robogals encourages girls at the primary and secondary levels to view engineering as a potential career path. By increasing the visibility of engineering to female youth, through role models, Robogals seeks to inspire future generations to take on engineering-related careers. Through its programs, this organization promotes the UNESCO Engineering Initiative projects on engineering education and youth and women. 

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South African Women in Engineering

Since 2006, the SAWomEng has been involved in promoting engineering to young women in South Africa. Through numerous programs, including career fairs, conferences, information sessions and weekend workshops, this organization invites young women in secondary schools to see engineering as a career option. Through its mentorship program, the SAWomEng organization focuses on issues facing women engineers. This includes the need to improve the gender disparity in engineering programs and the need to retain female engineers once they are working in the sector. Through its mandates to improve the gender differences in engineering and to promote engineering to youth, this organization is supporting the goals of the UNESCO Engineering Initiative. Also, through its focus on women and Africa, the SAWomEng is helping to promote UNESCO’s global priorities.

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