Human Resource Development and Capacity-building


    • develops national capabilities for the formulation, implementation, monitoring, and review of policies and plans concerning national S&T activities;

    • provides international training programmes for S&T personnel and better management of technology. For this purpose, UNESCO supports graduate programmes on S&T policy and social aspects of science. Science managers and decision-makers receive training to keep them up to date with the changing needs of modern society in S&T. The Division for Science Policy and Capacity-Building also organizes training in S&T statistics gathering and analysis, in collaboration with the UNESCO Institute for Statistics;

    • encourages governments of developing countries and countries in transition to enhance the status of careers in S&T and make determined efforts to improve the working conditions of S&T personnel;

    • stimulates the public interest in, and support for, national initiatives in science;

    • supports social science research to improve understanding and management of the tensions characterizing the relations between science and technology on the one hand, and between societies and their institutions on the other hand. The transfer of technology should be accompanied by an analysis of its possible impact on the population and society in general.
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