UNESCO Reference Works series


The following publications are marketed via UNESCO Publishing.

UNESCO Science Report series


Monographs from the Encyclopedia on Life Support Systems

Nanoscience and Nanotechnologies (2010)
This report may be purchased from UNESCO publishing (More).

Food Engineering (2005)
With the global population on the increase, it has become crucial to develop efficient methods for the mass production of food. Food engineering provides a vital link between primary food production and final consumption. This publication targets educators, university students, decision-makers, science policy analysts and other professional practitioners and specialists. Food engineering is taken from the Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems.

Knowledge for Sustainable Development (2002)
In three volumes, this publication presents a selection of articles from the Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems covering every conceivable aspect of sustainable development.


Science Technology and Gender (2007)
Women and girls around the world are excluded from participation in science and technology (S&T) by poverty, lack of education and aspects of their legal, institutional, political and cultural environments. This international report is designed to support efforts worldwide to analyse and improve the situation. It includes data provided by the UNESCO Institute for Statistics. (More) The report may be purchased from UNESCO Publishing. Enquiries may be addressed to the Technical Coordinator.

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