Launch of the UNESCO Science Report 2010 in Guatemala City

On 7 December 2010, UNESCO's Guatemala Office organized a panel discussion and debate on Science in 2010 and Scientific Research in Guatemala – Management of Water Resources and Biotechnology, Priority Areas for the Country. This event was organized within the framework of the launch of the UNESCO Science Report 2010 in Guatemala.

The UNESCO office invited three prominent Guatemalan scientists to present a global vision of the situation with regard to scientific research in two very important areas for the development of Guatemala: hydrology and biotechnology.

Joram Matías Gil, Director of the UNESCO Chair for the Sustainability of Water Resources at the Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala, spoke about the lack of specialists in hydrology in Guatemala and highlighted the necessity of educating the population about water.

Dr Pamela Pennington, Director of the Center of Studies in Biotechnology within the Research Institute at the Universidad del Valle de Guatemala, described the challenges facing research in Guatemala and proposed some avenues for tackling these challenges.

Dr Mónica Stein, Substitute Dean of the Research Institute at the Universidad del Valle de Guatemala, described the different sectors in Guatemala in which biotechnology was present. She stressed the need for greater investment in biotechnology research.

During the panel discussion, Dr Edgar Montiel from UNESCO’s Guatemala office officially presented the representative of the National Secretariat for Science and Technology, Dr Rosa María Amaya with a copy of the UNESCO Science Report 2010. Other copies were handed out to the public present at the event. Dr Montiel talked about the need to find ways of incorporating science and technology into the country´s national agenda, in light of the fundamental contribution they could make to improving the country’s productivity in the agriculture, health and industrial sectors.

More than sixty people attended the event from the scientific community, universities, research institutes and, private companies. Television media and journalists showed great interest in the event and it was well covered by national newspapers.

Read the press coverage in the daily newspapers El Périódico and El Siglo and the article by Alberto Ramírez

For details, contact Miguel Serrano or Fernanda Silvestre Sabino in Guatemala or go to the website of UNESCO’s Guatemala office.

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