Outcome of the World Conference on Science

Over 1800 delegates representing 155 countries, 28 IGOs and more than 60 international NGOs registered at the World Conference on Science, including approximately 80 Ministers of Science and Technology, Research and Education or their equivalents. Slightly fewer than one in four national delegates to the conference were women. The conference also attracted more than 250 journalists from around the world, including a team from Nature which published a daily journal throughout the six-day conference.

The conference provided a rare opportunity for extensive discussion leading to a new ‘social contract’ for science as we enter the twenty-first century. The participants analysed where the natural sciences stand today and where they are heading, what their social impact has been and what society expects from them. They also established what efforts should be invested to make science advance in response to both these expectations and the challenges posed by human and social development.  

Programme of the World Conference on Science      
Follow-up to the World Conference on Science  
The World Science Forum 
The first World Science Forum on Knowledge and Society (2003)
The second World Science Forum on Knowledge, Ethics and Responsibility (2005)  
The third World Science Forum on Investing in knowledge: Investing in the Future (2007) 
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