2nd World Science Forum "Knowledge, Ethics and Responsibility"

The second Forum on Knowledge, Ethics and Responsibility tackled the ethical aspects of knowledge and the responsibility of scientists and decision-makers in the global society of the 21st century.

The main objective of this meeting was to continue the dialogue on the interdependence and cooperation of science and society, which are the key factors of a country’s development.

During the thematic sessions, special attention was paid to the utilization of knowledge by society and the economy, to the situation of young generations, their education and to the issues of sustainable development and a sustainable environment.

The highlihts of this Forum were the two special sessions co-organized by UNESCO. The first was the second meeting of the Israeli-Palestine Science Organisation and the second the International Round Table on Science in a Democratic World: the Role of Parliaments, organized together with the Islamic Scientific, Educational and Cultural Organization (ISESCO) for the first time within the framework of the World Science Forum. The main purpose of the Parliamentary Round Table was to examine the role of Parliament in science, technology and innovation, as well as challenges and constraints linked to the increasing complexity of the decision-making process. Parliamentary Science and Technology Committees from around 20 countries were represented.

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