Science-Policy Interface

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The Hungarian parliament during a special session of the World Science Forum

UNESCO participates in global partnerships to bridge the science-policy interface and provides technical advice to governments and policy-makers to make informed decisions on scientific issues.. In order to bring the scientific and policy-making communities closer together and encourage mutual understanding, there is a need for ongoing dialogue, easy access to a wide range of scientific assessments and effective scientific advisory systems for government and parliament.

International level

Science-policy interface at the global level are important for the international community to ensure that decisions and international agreements, such as the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, are made based on the best available evidence. UNESCO is also involved in many mechanisms that aim to strengthen the links between science and policy:

UNESCO also organizes international forums that bring together scientists, policy-makers, and civil society:

  • World Science Forum: a major biennial event that sets out the path ahead for science, policy and society;
  • Global Innovation Forum: a biennial forum that provides a unique occasion to promote a culture of innovation by sharing ideas, knowledge and experience on nurturing innovation.

National level

A strong science-policy interface at the national level is crucial for governments and parliaments to effectively respond to national challenges. As part of its work in STI policy, UNESCO offers platforms for dialogue at national level though:

  • National STI policy and reform consultations and forums: UNESCO actively collaborates with national governments to initiate dialogue between central STI stakeholders and facilitates inter-ministerial coordination and communication with scientific communities;
  • Parliamentary Fora in STI policy: through these Fora, UNESCO aims to mobilize the participation and engagement of all key stakeholders in science governance processes to foster better governance of STI and create sustainable societies.
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