Nurturing Tanzania’s fledgling bioentrepreneurs

© Muhammad Mahdi Karim/Wikipedia Commons, Sisal plantation on the outskirts of Morogoro.

In December 2010, the United Republic of Tanzania published two key national policies, one on research and development (R&D) and the other on biotechnology.

To mark the event, UNESCO’s Dar es Salaam office commissioned a report from the Ifakara Health Institute on Biotechnology and Bioentrepreneurship in Tanzania, in order to help the government plan ahead in these areas. Published in July 2011, the study went beyond its strict reporting mandate to incorporate a one-day encounter in the capital on 9 February 2011 between public and private players to identify the obstacles preventing them from taking science from the laboratory to the market.

The final report describes this encounter, the first of its kind in Tanzania, within a broader analysis of the country’s efforts to develop a bio-economy. The following article is adapted from Biotechnology and Bioentrepreneurship in Tanzania. (More)

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