10.05.2010 -

A regional centre for science park development to be launched in Iran

Isfahan, Iran on 13 May 2010

A Regional Centre for the Development of Science Parks and Technology Incubators is to be officially launched in the Iranian city of Isfahan on 13 May.

The centre was approved by UNESCO’s General Conference last October, prior to the signing of a formal agreement on 17 December by UNESCO and the Government of Iran at UNESCO headquarters in Paris.

The centre will organize workshops and other activities to build capacity, provide policy advice, facilitate the exchange of experience and best practices, and conduct research and problem-solving in science park and technology incubator development. It will function under the auspices of UNESCO as a category 2 centre.

UNESCO’s co-operation with the city of Isfahan is not new. In September 2006, UNESCO, the International Association of Science Parks and the Asian Science Parks Association joined the city in organizing a conference on the theme of serving knowledge-based business to enhance economic development.

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