10.09.2010 -

Caribbean Science Foundation to be launched

10 September –The Caribbean Science Foundation is due to be launched at the Caribbean Science Forum on 21 September. The foundation was recommended by a meeting of ministers, heads of universities and captains of industry in Grenada in April 2008 which endorsed the findings of a report commissioned by UNESCO on Using Science, Technology and Innovation to change the fortunes of the Caribbean (known as The Mokhele Report). The foundation will ‘enable the scientific community to deal with its problem of fragmentation and unite under one umbrella to transform the region’s S&T landscape’, according to the authors of the chapter on the countries of the Caribbean Common Market in the forthcoming UNESCO Science Report 2010, Professors Harold Ramkissoon and Ishenkumba Kahwa. The foundation will be responsible for strengthening the weak link between the private sector and academia by fostering collaborative R&D, among other functions.

Click here for background on the foundation and Cariscience.

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