21.05.2010 -

Despite progress, obstacles remain in attaining gender equality in Latin America

21 May - Despite the many advances in programmes and policies in recent years, women still face many obstacles in achieving gender equality. So concluded a seminar organized by UNESCO, the Mexican Academy of Sciences and the Chiapas Autonomous University (UNACH) on 29-30 April in Mexico City. The seminar on Latin American Women in Science, Technology and Innovation set out to identify the conditions which continue to restrict the rights of women, especially as regards their contribution to science, technology and innovation. UNESCO consultant Eduardo Martinez-Garcia contributed to the debate by summarizing the findings in UNESCO’s 2007 report on Science, Technology and Gender. According to the forthcoming UNESCO Science Report 2010, women are better-represented in science than in the workforce in general in half of the Latin American countries studied. They are also increasingly numerous on university campuses: women make up 60% of students in Mexico, Panama and Uruguay, and 55% in Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Venezuela.

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