12.10.2012 - Natural Sciences Sector

UNESCO supports the International Conference on Science Communication, Journées Hurbert Curien 2012

The Université de Lorraine hosted the Journées Hurbert Curien 2012, with its topic, “Science Communication: International Perspectives, Issues and Strategies” in Nancy, France from 2 to 7 September 2012. UNESCO supported the event through its patronage and active participation in the international scientific committee, chaired by Bernard Schiele, Professor at the Centre Inter-Universitaire de Recherche sur la Science et la Technologie at the University of Montreal, Canada.

Around 500 participants from 67 countries heard international specialists in science communication and popularization, including Claudie Haigneré, President of Universcience and former French Minister Delegate for Research and New Technologies; Gauhar Raza, Researcher and Head of Science Communication through Multimedia Division of India’s National Institute of Science Communication and Information Resources; Ren Fujun, Director-General, of the China Research Institute for Science Popularization; and Prof. Ulrike Felt, Professor of Sociology of Science, University of Vienna, Austria. There were 38 sessions of talks in addition to Post-graduate Study Days for graduate students to learn how to disseminate the results of their own research and engage in science communication more generally, which attracted 130 students from 60 countries.

Science and Society, the Nancy Declaration, was drafted by the Conference’s scientific committee and is open for signature to bring attention to the importance of science communication. As one speaker put it, “Science communication is as important to the scientific process as the rest of the scientific method combined.”

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