UNESCO Open Initiative and the European Association of Remote Sensing Laboratories (EARSeL)

Since the start of the ESA-UNESCO Open Initiative,  EARSeL invited UNESCO to present its associated space related activities. This was the beginning of what today is a successful joint cooperation between UNESCO and EARSeL.

The main activities of EARSel are:

  • stimulating and promoting education and training related to remote sensing and Earth observation,
  • initiating and co-ordinating application-oriented research,
  • forming a bridge between technology and applications of interest to the wide user community,
  • assisting the sponsoring agencies in the development of new sensors and systems and in any technical matters of relevance,
  • providing a network of experts for the agencies in Europe,
  • carrying out joint research projects on the use of remote sensing for research, monitoring and education,
  • promoting co-operation between remote sensing experts and the environmental managers and decision-makers.

© UNESCO/Maria Rosa Cardenas
30th International Symposium on Remote Sensing at UNESCO Headquarter

With respect to the partnership with UNESCO, EARSeL and UNESCO have jointly established the following Special Interest Groups:

  • Education and Training 
  • Cultural and Natural Heritage

At the same time UNESCO is deeply involved working in the Special Interest Group for Developing Countries.
UNESCO is member of the EARSeL Board responsible to increase the relations between EARSeL and the various European space institutions.

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