Assessment of the Status of African Science and Technology Policy Formulation

In cooperation with the African Union (AU), UNESCO will conduct a survey of Member States to determine which countries have S&T policies and whether these policies are adequate for meeting present S&T needs and orientations. The survey will include an analysis of training needs in terms of the capacity to develop policies.

UNESCO’s Division for Science Policy and Capacity-Building and the UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS) are organizing regional training workshops in Africa, in cooperation with the AU and the New Partnership for Africa’s Development. The workshops follow the request from the African Member States for assistance in capacity-building in STI policy reviews. The first workshop was held in September 2008 for the countries of the Southern African Development Community and the second in March 2009 for 14 countries of East and North Africa (see below for details).

Expected results

    • Publication of a report on the status of African science and technology policy.
    • Holding of several sub-regional workshops in Africa to build capacity in STI policy reviews

Read about the three thrusts of the African Science, Technology and Innovation policy Initiative:

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