First Africa Forum on STI for Youth Employment, Human Capital Development and Inclusive Growth

Key issues for debate

Problem 1: What can Africa do to satisfy the demand for quality higher education in science, technology, engineering and mathematics?

Problem 2: How can we ensure that graduates in science, technology, engineering and mathematics possess the skills required by potential employers in the public and private sectors? How have countries in Asia and Latin America tackled these problems?

Problem 3: Many African research centres are trapped in a vicious circle, whereby the low level of funding leads to poor-quality research that is of little socio-economic relevance. How can Africa put in place a new strategy to break this vicious circle? How can African and international partners support this process without diluting the focus on Africa’s problems as defined by Africans themselves?

Problem 4: How can a stronger STI system contribute to improving access to drinking water, renewable energies and effective healthcare, and generate jobs for youth as well as inclusive growth?

Problem 5: How can we develop the ability to spot, adapt and adopt existing global models for innovation and knowledge?

Problem 6: What can Africa do to develop a dynamic innovation ecosystem?

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