Web-based discussion fora in Asia on STI policy issues

The STEPAN discussion forum

A web-based e-forum has been established at www.stepan.org/sti using open source software, which links to the target audience via Facebook and Twitter. The initial discussion threads were started by UNESCO, IPB then the University of the Philippines.

The initial topics for the discussion threads were:

  • The Research-Policy Interface and STI Policy Formation
  • Human Resource Development for Success in a Globalized Knowledge-Based Economy
  • Financing Technology Transfer

The target audience of the forum spans senior level policy-makers to students and young professionals who have fewer hurdles in accessing the e-forum. The website facilitates synchronous and asynchronous discussions among e-forum participants, publishes relevant articles and announces the meeting/event agenda. The forum is facilitated remotely by the expert from the University of the Philippines in Manila and supervised by UNESCO’s Jakarta office.

The UNESCO discussion forum

The Jakarta office also launched a science, technology and engineering policy discussion forum for Southeast Asia in 2010. Dubbed Science, Technology and Innovation for Development in Asia: a platform for information sharing and learning, the project facilitates common understanding and mutual learning through the sharing of information, ideas, good practices and successful models in policy-making among the STI community in Southeast Asia.

UNESCO’s Regional Bureau for Science in Asia

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