Country Studies

The Development of Albanian S&T Policy (1996)

Towards a Science, Technology & Innovation Policy for the Republic of Armenia (2009) 

UNESCO assisting Azerbaijan in reviewing its STI strategy (2011) 

Mapping Benin’s National Innovation System (2010)

 Bosnia and Herzegovina 
Guidelines for a Science and Research Policy (2006)

Botswana STI policy review (2008-2014) 

 Brunei Darussalam 
Review Science and Technology Capacity and Policy Options (2005)

 Burundi (2008-2014)
Reform of the S&T system in Burundi 

 Congo (2004-2010)
Reform of the S&T system in Congo 

 Iraq - (ongoing)
UNESCO helping Iraq to draw up science policy (2011) 

 Israel (Interview)
‘The high level of basic research and innovation promotes Israeli science-based industries’ (2012) 

Science, Technology and Innovation Policy for Lebanon (2006)

Lesotho Science & Technology Policy (2006)

Mapping Research and Innovation in the Republic of Malawi (2014)

Mongolia STI policy review (2004)

Namibia developing national programme for research and STI (2014)

Science, Research and Technology in Nepal (2006)

 Nigeria - (ongoing)
Reform of the S&T system in Nigeria 

 Seychelles (ongoing)
Seychelles preparing its first science, technology and innovation policy (2011) 

 United Republic of Tanzania (ongoing)
UNESCO's work in Tanzania since 2008 within the One UN programme

 Republic of Zimbabwe
Zimbabwe STI policy review (2008-2014)

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