Developing an information and communication technology (ICT) park

In November 2009, UNESCO supported the participation of a representative of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, Dr A. Bairamov (Institute of Physics), in a seminar on science and technology parks in the Republic of Korea.

UNESCO consultant Dr M. Perry, Managing Director of Surrey Research Park in the United Kingdom, then undertook a consultancy to Baku in March 2010, in order to review and propose a technology park development programme in Azerbaijan. Dr Perry’s subsequent mission report demonstrated how technology park development in Azerbaijan could serve as an instrument of economic development.

Dr Perry visited the Minister of Communication and Information Technologies, Prof A. Abbasov, and discussed with him the creation of a technology park focusing solely on ICTs. The ministry could combine efforts with the Institute of Cybernetics and the Institute of Information Technology. Mr A. Abbasov supported this idea and agreed to back the necessary fund-raising effort to create the park. A first for Azerbaijan, the park would serve as a prototype for the development of other technological parks in the country.

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