Priority-setting for R&D

The main priority areas for the development of science and technology in Azerbaijan are stated in the Executive Order of the President of the Azerbaijan Republic (May 2008), in which the President also approved the National Strategy for the Development of Science for 2009-2014 and entrusted authority to the National Academy of Sciences to co-ordinate the national strategy and relevant state programme.

A number of initiatives have been put in place that were directly related to the National Strategy for the Development of Science for 2009-2014. Some initiatives have been launched by the National Academy of Sciences and its institutes, including technology transfer; intellectual property protection and licensing; ICT training and the establishment of a commercially based ICT testing laboratory and the provision of a range of fee-paying ICT programmes.

In order to define more precise, specific directions for R&D and to upgrade decision-making, strategic planning and policy, UNESCO prepared and distributed a questionnaire to leading scientists in research centres of Azerbaijan in April 2011. On the basis of the analysis of the answers and data in the returned questionnaire, UNESCO will recommend priority areas for R&D which will form a chapter in the Azerbaijan Science, Technology and Innovation Strategy and Policy.

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