Reform of the S&T system of Congo

In 2004, the Congolese authorities requested UNESCO’s assistance in strengthening national capacities in science and technology to revitalize the science system after the lost years of the Congolese civil war.

Through its Division for Science Policy and Capacity-Building, UNESCO is accompanying this effort to reform the country’s science system step by step, with the financial support of the Government of Japan.

The ongoing science policy reform in Congo could be considered a pilot project for other countries in Central Africa.

Country context in 2004

Assessment of the state of science and technology in Congo (2004)

Government reforms between 2005 and 2010

UNESCO's recommendations to the government for the second phase (2010 onwards)

Read also about the sub-regional science policy forum held in Brazzaville from 11 to 14 March 2008

Read about the reform of Congo's science system in the chapter on sub-Saharan Africa in the UNESCO Science Report 2010

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