Reforms instigated by the Government of Congo between 2005 and 2010

Since 2005, the project for repositioning the national science system has resulted in the following reforms:

  • The creation of a fully-fledged ministry responsible for scientific research and technological innovation in January 2005 to deal with an area that had previously come under the responsibility of the Ministry for Higher Education;
  • The establishment of a Directorate for Technological Innovation within the new ministry;
  • The development of specific statutes for research workers which are now in the final stages of adoption, being under consideration by the Supreme Court;
  • A reform of the research infrastructure that was still under way in 2010, in order to group the large number of research units within three major institutes, those for agricultural sciences, health sciences, and exact and life sciences;
  • Public research was placed under the auspices of the Ministry of Scientific Research and Technological Innovation but remained isolated from other sectors, such as agriculture or industry;
  • Reconstruction of several research facilities and the allocation of greater resources to strategic areas, such as the Agence nationale de valorisation de la recherche;
  • The establishment of a post-graduate school at the Marien Ngouabi University, supported by the university’s Centre for Information Technology (Campus numérique de l’Université Marien Ngouabi);
  • The elaboration and approval in April 2009 of a science policy document and an action plan for research and innovation covering 2010-2013. The action plan reiterates the 1% target for the GERD/GDP ratio. Specific research priorities have been defined, such as human and animal health; food security; and environment and biodiversity. These are in keeping with the major objectives of the country’s development policy;
  • Inclusion of a chapter on S&T in President Denis Sassou-Nguesso’s Vision document for Congolese society, covering 2009-2016, entitled Le Chemin d’Avenir.

In March 2010, UNESCO made a series of recommendations to the Government of Congo for the second project phase.

Source: Adapted from UNESCO (2010) Project for strengthening science and technology policy capacities in the Republic of the Congo. (PDF)

For details, contact Folarin Osotimehin, Project Officer

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