Avicenna Virtual Campus

The Avicenna Virtual Campus is named after the 10th century Persian scientist and philosopher Ibn Sina

On 11–15 April 2010, Iraqi technical staff and professors from the Universities of Baghdad, Basra and Salahaddin are participating in a second training workshop in online course development in Amman (Jordan). The three universities joined the Avicenna Virtual Campus for Science and Technology in November when their staff participated in a first workshop in Amman.

UNESCO has extended the Avicenna network to Iraq in collaboration with the Iraqi Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. In Iraq, the virtual campus is building on ongoing endeavours by UNESCO and its partners to promote ties between Iraqi universities and universities abroad, in order to expand access to education and improve the quality of teacher training.

Over the past four months, Avicenna Knowledge Centres have been established at the Universities of Baghdad, Basra and Salahaddin. These centres have then been linked up with those belonging to the Avicenna Virtual Campus in Algeria, Cyprus, Egypt, France, Italy, Jordan, Lebanon, Malta, Morocco, the Palestinian Territories, Spain, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey and the UK.

The three Avicenna centres in Iraq are already able to use the modules developed by the Avicenna network over the past five years. Ultimately, each Iraqi university will produce modules of its own which will then be pooled among the institutions participating in both the Avicenna Campus and the recently established African Virtual Campus.

Two technical experts from the Avicenna Knowledge Centre at the Middle East Technical University in Ankara (Turkey) will be attending the April workshop to strengthen regional ties and share best practices for course development with their Iraqi counterparts.

In November, the Iraqi team met experts from UNESCO and the Avicenna Knowledge Centres at Philadelphia University (Jordan) and the Universidad Politecnica de Valencia (Spain).

Source: A World of Science, vol. 8, no 2, April 2010 (AR, EN, ES, FR, RU)

Contact: m.miloudi(at)unesco.org

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