How to apply

Do not apply directly to UNESCO; contact your country's National Commission for UNESCO to express your interest in being your country’s candidate for this prize.

If you belong to a national association for the advancement of science or any other science association, including science writers or scientific journalists, inform them of your interest in applying for this prize.

The prize is awarded biennially. The closing date for the submission of applications is 29 May 2015. Candidatures should be sent to UNESCO, Division for Science Policy and Capacity-Building, Natural Sciences Sector, UNESCO, 1, rue Miollis, 75732 Paris Cedex 15, France.


Each nomination shall be accompanied by a written recommendation, which shall include five copies (paper or electronic) of the following documents, in English or French:

  • Description of the candidate’s background;
  • Completed submission form;
  • Summary of the work or the results of the work on the popularization of science, including publications and other supporting materials, to be submitted for consideration; and
  • Description of how the candidate’s submitted work has contributed to the popularization of science.

Please note that if an official translation of your work into English and/or French does not exist, it is recommended to supply a detailed explanation in English or French of the content or a partial translation.

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