UNESCO Kalinga Prize for the Popularization of Science

List of Laureates

Karl Kruszelnicki
In recognition of his longstanding commitment to fire up people’s curiosity for science and share his passion for the subject. “Dr Karl” has been a science communicator for over 30 years, using television, radio, podcasts, print media, books and social media to make science accessible to all.

Erik Jacquemyn
In recognition of his commitment to disseminate knowledge about the sciences among the general public. He is an expert in scientific communication, science centres, science museums and interactive museums.

Diego Andrés Golombek
In recognition of his tireless contribution to science communication and education in diverse and entertaining formats, notably for his role in the development of Argentina’s first Science Cultural Centre.

Xiangyi Li, China
In recognition of his contribution to science popularization, including as cofounder of the China Science and Technology Museum

Réne Raúl Drucker Colín, Mexico
In recognition of his contribution to the promotion of science through print and television media

Trinh Xuan Thuan, Vietnam
In recognition of his work in sharing scientific knowledge and its discoveries though print media in a form that is accessible to scientific and non-scientific readers

Yash Pal, India
For his contribution to science communication in various forms over the decades

Jeter Jorge Bertoletti, Brazil
In recognition of his role in making science better known and more accessible to the general public, especially to children, students and rural communities

Jean Audouze, France
In recognition of his long career and role in the promotion of science, notably for his work in science museums

Pervez Amirali Hoodbhoy, Pakistan
For his contribution to broadening the understanding of science in Pakistan, notably through print and television media

Marisela Salvatierra, Venezuela
For her outstanding career in science communication and environmental education in Latin America

Stefano Fantoni, Italy
In recognition of his role to improve communication between the scientific community and the general public

Ernst Hamburger, Brazil
In recognition of his extensive efforts to popularize science in schools in Brazil

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