Kalinga Prize laureate


Marisela Salvatierra

For her outstanding career in science communication and environmental education in Latin America

Marisela Salvatierra is a former Professor of Journalism on Environment and Development and Environmental Education at the Social Communication School of the Central University of Venezuela and former Director of the Foundation on Environmental Communication Development (Fundecam). She was also President of the Environmental Commission of Venezuela’s Scientific Journalism Circle and was responsible for environmental issues at the National School of Journalists. For ten years Salvatierra headed the government programme of environmental analysis, and was also the driving force behind the National Programme of Development and Consolidation of Environmental Journalism in Venezuela, which included the design of an environmental training programme for active journalists.

Salvatierra viewed science communication as a means to open people’s eyes and is a way to democratize the benefits of knowledge since the purpose of science popularization is to enable the majority to participate democratically in the discoveries of the minority. She contributed to science communication by producing and conducting the weekly radio programme Evolution that was dedicated to the analysis of environmental problems and ecological issues on Caracas Radio. She also worked as Editor-in-Chief of the magazine Profauna, as Editor of the technical magazine Environment, and as the Venezuelan correspondent for the Latin American edition of Environment Watch. She has also authored various scientific literature for children and the general public including: Atmospheric Pollution, The Process of Environmental Deterioration in Venezuela’s History, The Animal Population in Venezuela and Why do we get Flooded? from the series Cuadernos Maraven.

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