Kalinga Prize laureate


Jeter Jorge Bertoletti

In recognition of his role in making science better known and more accessible to the general public, especially to children, students and rural communities

Born in Brazil, Jeter Jorge Bertoletti obtained a Ph.D. in Natural History at the Pontific Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul (PUCRS) in Brazil where he has been a Professor since 1977. Bertoletti has published over 150 papers in periodicals, magazines and annuals and 106 technical papers. He has acted as an Advising Consultant for 55 national and international environmental projects, and has planned and implemented 19 projects to disseminate science, most specify to fishing communities in economic difficulty for the government of Rio Grande do Sol, in partnership with PUCRS and the Foundation for Support to Research of Rio Grande do Sol (FAPERGS). In 1967, he founded the Science and Technology Museum of PUCRS (MCT) which has become the largest interactive science centre in South America. In 1998, the museum expanded its exhibition area to hold approximately five million items, 700 interactive exhibits that offer the visitor a playful, easy and dynamic way to stimulate interest and learn science. The Museum includes 12 modern scientific laboratories for research and 5 special laboratories for training and continuous education.

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