Young scientists

The need to promote a world community of scientifically literate and educated young people is recognized as being urgent by the national and international scientific communities. In order to promote the involvement of a younger generation of scientists in the dialogue between government authorities, parliaments and educational institutions and to develop national science policies taking into consideration they needs, opportunities and perspectives of young researchers, UNESCO supported, as a continuation of the International Forum of Young Scientists (World Conference on Science, Budapest, 1999), the creation of the World Academy of Young Scientists (WAYS).

At WAYS's first General Conference in Marrakech in December 2004, a round table was organized on the theme of Science contributing to the Dialogue among Civilizations: the Young Scientists’ Perspective. The round table strongly acknowledged that dialogue is a constituent element of science and highlighted the importance of communication and mutual understanding for scientific cooperation.

Read the Statement of the International Forum of Young Scientist in (English or French) issued at the World Conference on Science in 1999

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