Towards a global observatory of policy instruments on STI

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On 19–20 October 2011, UNESCO took a first step towards expanding its Science Policy Information Network (SPIN) from a regional online database for Latin America and the Caribbean into a global observatory (GO-SPIN), by organizing a technical workshop at UNESCO headquarters in Paris.

A committee of experts from governments, international rganizations and firms like L'Oréal, Merck, Microsoft and Alcatel-Lucent attended this workshop to propose a roadmap for the standardization and normalization databases on science, technology and innovation (STI) policy instruments and technology intelligence.

Among the participants was Alasdair Reid, general manager of the European Union’s main research and innovation policy-benchmarking platforms, ERAWATCH and the European Trend Chart on Innovation. Together, the ERAWATCH and GO→SPIN platforms will ensure global coverage on STI policies and policy instruments. The project will ensure that both platforms are compatible, thanks to the development of the Paris Manual.

The topics covered at the October workshop included:

  • Why STI policy instruments are essential for a sustainable world
  • Monitoring policy instruments on STI around the world
  • The need for an information platform on STI policy instruments, to share best practices and experiences among decision makers
  • STI policy instruments within firms
  • The future GO→SPIN around the world
  • Steps towards the Paris Manual for the standardization of information about STI policy instruments.

For more information, please contact: Lidia Brito

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