Cariscience is a sub-regional network of scientists bent on upgrading the academic excellence of graduate, postgraduate and R&D programmes in the Caribbean. Cariscience was launched in June 1999 in Jamaica and operates under the auspices of UNESCO.

The network strives to strengthen theoretical and practical knowledge in basic and applied sciences in the Caribbean, to increase the number of postgraduate and R&D programmes, and foster ties between these programmes. It also fosters linkages with the productive sector.

Cariscience coordinates exchanges between researchers, teachers and students, organizes joint research projects and regional courses, supports curriculum development and the training of science teachers. It is also supporting the development of an accreditation and evaluation system for postgraduate science programmes.

By encouraging scientists to communicate on their work, Cariscience also hopes to improve public understanding of science.

Harold Ramkissoon is Executive-Secretary of Cariscience. Professor of Mathematics at the University of the West Indies campus in Trinidad, he is also a founding member and past President of the Caribbean Academy of Sciences. He is Vice-President of the Caribbean Scientific Union, based in Bogotá (Colombia).

Professor Ramkissoon is the author of the chapter on the Caricom countries in the UNESCO Science Report 2005 and co-author of the same chapter in the UNESCO Science Report 2010. The 2010 edition of the report summarizes the Mokhele Report commissioned by UNESCO and submitted by the Organization to Caricom government officials in September 2007. The governments of the region subsequently adopted one of the report's main recommendations, leading to the creation of the Caribbean Science Foundation in September 2010. The foundation's main mission is to foster collaborative research to foster linkages between academia and industry.

Professor Ramkissoon also profiled both the Caricom countries and Cuba in UNESCO’s quarterly journal, A World of Science, in October 2005.

Read the Cariscience brochure on Actively Promoting Excellence in the Basic Sciences (1998-2008). the brochure was produced in 2009 to mark th10th anniversary of Cariscience.

Read the general brochure on Cariscience

Contact the Executive-Secretary of Cariscience

Read about the Young Scientist Conference organized by Cariscience in partnership with TWAS in December 2011, with the financial sponsorship of UNESCO among others

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