Programme and Presentations

Monday 10 May 2010

Opening chair : H.E. Honourable Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Mali

  • J. Shabani, UNESCO/Bamako
  • AMCOST representive,
  • H.E. Siby Ginette BELLEGARDE, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific • Research, Mali

Session Chair: Mrs S. Nair-Bedouelle, UNESCO SC/PSD Division
Technology and Innovation Policy: key to sustainable development +Debate

  • Dr Erika Kraemer-Mbula, Brighton University, UK - Presentation

Session Chair: Prof. J. Shabani Director, UNESCO Bamako Cluster Office
UN Science and Technology Cluster, African Union Consolidated Plan of Action

  • AMCOST Representative - Presentation
  • Mrs S. Nair-Bedouelle UN Cluster, AMCOST, CPA implementation, etc - Presentation
  • Thierry Amoussougbo UNECA, International Experiences in STI policy reviews (TBC) - Presentation

STI policy reviews
Session chair: Mali, co chair: Nigeria

National Presentations, lessons learnt from STIP reviews (1): 15 minutes each and
Discussions: Burkina Faso - Presentation, Report.
Cape Verde, Presentation, Report.
Côte d’Ivoire, Presentation, Report

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Session chair: Burkina Faso, co chair: Côte d'Ivoire

National Presentations, lessons learnt from STIP reviews (2): 15 minutes each
Discussions: Gambia, Presentation, Report.
Guinea, Presentation, Report.
Liberia, Presentation, Report.
Mali, Presentation
Nigeria, Presentation

Session chair: Martin Schaaper

  • Mrs S. Nair-Bedouelle, Evaluation of STI policies, an overview - Presentation

Session chair: Nigeria, co chair Cap-Verde

The CAAST-Net project: Dr Eric Mwangi, CAAST-Net Africa Region Coordinator
Kenya and Dr Andy Cherry, CAAST-Net project Coordinator UK

  • The role of International cooperation in national and regional STI priorities - presentation.

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Session chair: Côte d'Ivoire

  • Mrs S. Nair-Bedouelle, Science policy and the linkage to indicators - Presentation
  • Martin Schaaper, International data collection and uses of international data by UIS. Overview of data for West African countries

Session chair: Cap-Verde

  • Mr. Seke and Dr. Konte, The African Science, Technology & Innovation Indicators (ASTII) Initiative NEPAD Planning and Coordination Agency - Presentation
  • Nigeria national statistics and indicators Presentation

Session chair: Togo

Session chair: Senegal

  • R. Pathirage, Introduction to the Frascati Manual: Measurement of R&D personnel (R. Pathirage).

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Session chair: Liberia

  • Group work: Measurement of R&D personnel, calculation of full-time equivalent
  • Martin Schaaper, Introduction to Frascati Manual: Expenditure devoted to R&D

Session chair: Niger

  • Measuring R&D expenditure (cont.)
  • Group work: Building the GERD matrix.
  • Martin Schaaper, Measuring R&D in developing countries: UIS Technical Guide and Annex to the Frascati Manual

Session chair: Martin Schaaper

  • R. Pathirage, Introduction to UIS data collection tools and guidelines.
  • Martin Schaaper, Innovation surveys in developing countries: Oslo Manual.

Closing session

  • Representive AMCOST
  • Mr Juma Shabani Director, UNESCO, Bamako
  • Ginette BELLEGARDE, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific • Research, Mali.
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