Ministers from Southeast Europe to discuss collaboration in STI

© A. Altun – Government building, Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Ministers of science and technology from Southeast Europe are meeting in the city of Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) on 22−23 November 2012 to discuss ways of strengthening national capacities for science, technology and innovation (STI) in the sub-region, as well as collaboration. The objective of the round table is to produce a comprehensive analysis of the current situation and the way forward, via the production of concept papers, analytical papers and reports, as a well as a joint declaration. The priorities and recommendations emerging from the round table will be used to elaborate a coherent roadmap for developing STI in Southeast Europe at both the national and regional levels.

The ministerial round table is being organized jointly by the Ministry of Civil Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina and UNESCO’s Venice Office.

It will be the eighth in a series of high-level meetings organized by UNESCO’s Venice Office within the Venice Process. This process was launched in 2001 by UNESCO to build scientific cooperation between Southeast Europe and the rest of Europe, in order to prepare countries for integration into the European Research Area.

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