Nurturing Innovation

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Human creativity and ingenuity are the drivers of innovation. When creative and ingenious minds are nurtured, brought together and mobilized for sustainable development, society can innovate in a way that economic growth, green jobs, social development and environmental protection and conservation are sustainable and thriving.

In this endeavour, UNESCO is working towards building the knowledge and skills necessary for societies to develop and practice innovation and entrepreneurship across all sectors of society (private, public and social), promoting strong linkages between governments, universities, and the private sector and with special focus on universities as a privilege place for entrepreneurship activities.

At the local level, UNESCO encourages the development of grassroots innovation capacities to spur green transformations and enhance opportunities for youth-led applied innovation, entrepreneurship and the employability of young graduates.

UNESCO partners with leading international organizations and networks in the field, including the World Technopolis Association (WTA) and the International Network for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (INSME).

Science Parks and Technology Business Incubators

UNESCO supports the development and governance of science parks and technology business incubators with the aim of advancing technological innovation throughout the world. More information

Global Innovation Forum

The biennial Global Innovation Forum, co-organized by UNESCO, is a unique opportunity for all agents of innovation to come together and share ideas, knowledge and experience in order to catalyse and promote a culture of innovation for a better and sustainable future. More information

UNESCO Chairs and Centres in Science, Technology and Innovation Policy

Through its chairs and centres in science, technology and innovation (STI) policy, UNESCO provides advice and builds the necessary capacity for innovation and entrepreneurship. More information

Network for the Expansion of Convergent Technologies

The Network for the Expansion of Convergent Technologies in the Arab Region (NECTAR) was launched by the UNESCO Cairo Office in June 2011 to help correct the mismatch between the skills companies seek and the programmes provided by most universities. More information

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